Alla inlägg av Rikard Linde

Vecka 21

Ramar vinner över fakta

”Hur kan män som älskar sina pickup-truckar med extra stora hjul och slukar bensin byta till elektriska motsvarigheter? => Genom att de ser hur de kan leva ett friare liv, oberoende av stigande bensinpriser och negativa miljömuppar” Läs mer

The Truth Sandwich

The world’s most accessible stress reliever, singing! BBC Future

”Whether you have the voice of a songbird or sound like some ball-bearings in a blender, singing can have some remarkably positive effects.” Läs mer

The economics of cheaper batteries—and why they’re good news for the planet.

”In 2010, a lithium-ion battery pack with 1 kWh of capacity—enough to power an electric car for three or four miles—cost more than $1,000. By 2019, the figure had fallen to $156, according to data compiled by BloombergNEF. That’s a massive drop, and experts expect continued—though perhaps not as rapid—progress in the coming decade. Several forecasters project the average cost of a kilowatt-hour of lithium-ion battery capacity to fall below $100 by the mid-2020s.” Läs mer

Vecka 20

The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months

”When a group of schoolboys were marooned on an island in 1965, it turned out very differently from William Golding’s bestseller.” Läs mer

The business problems only customers can solve

”In the absence of solutions that customers control, both customers and businesses are forced to use business-side-only solutions that limit customer power to what can be done within each business’s silo, or to await regulatory help, usually crafted by captive regulators who can’t even imagine full customer agency.” Läs mer

Subject, Consumer, or Citizen: Three Post-Covid Futures

”What would you do in this time if you truly believed in yourself and in those around you?” Läs mer

Sveriges utsläpp minskade med 3,2 procent 2019

”Ny preliminär statistik visar att Sveriges klimatpåverkande utsläpp minskade förra året. Utsläppen minskade både inom industrin och inrikes transporter som står för ungefär två tredjedelar av Sveriges utsläpp.” Läs mer

Solar’s Future is Insanely Cheap

”Solar has plunged in price faster than anyone – including me – predicted. And modeling of that price decline leads me to forecast that solar will continue to drop in price faster than I’ve previously expected, and will ultimately reach prices lower than virtually anyone expects. Prices that are, by any stretch of the measure, insanely, world-changingly cheap.” Läs mer

The news fatigue is growing around COVID-19

”If one person says it’s raining, and another person says it’s not, our job, as journalists, isn’t to cover what these people said, but to look out the window and see what is actually going on.” Läs mer

Trump’s latest effort to gaslight America is falling apart

”It’s also that this shatters the larger illusion Trump is trying to weave with his magical reality-bending powers — that the coronavirus has been so tamed by his stupendous leadership that it’s now safe to reopen the country, setting the stage for an equally spectacular Trump-marshaled comeback.” Läs mer

Trump wants America to ‘normalize’ coronavirus deaths. It’s the media’s job not to play along.

”Consider the way news outlets and pundits have adopted the language of “reopening the country” from politicians, making it a constant in headlines, cable panel discussions and radio reports. This terminology presents a false choice.” Läs mer

Vecka 19

Bye, Amazon

”Amazon is exceptionally well-managed and has demonstrated great skill at spotting opportunities and building repeatable processes for exploiting them. It has a corresponding lack of vision about the human costs of the relentless growth and accumulation of wealth and power. If we don’t like certain things Amazon is doing, we need to put legal guardrails in place to stop those things. We don’t need to invent anything new; a combination of antitrust and living-wage and worker-empowerment legislation, rigorously enforced, offers a clear path forward.” Läs mer

Amazon VP VIP Tim Bray Quitfires Self Over ’Chickensh*t’ Activist Quitfirings

”After so many stories about terrible rich greedheads grabbing up money that should be helping small businesses, let’s raise a glass to former Amazon Web Services VP Tim Bray, who last week quit his job in protest over the company’s retaliation against warehouse workers who just wanted safer working conditions. As Techdirt explains, Bray was a big name in internetting, having ”helped develop XML and a variety of other standards/technologies the internet relies on.” But Bray said he couldn’t let himself be a part of any company that would respond to legitimate criticism by firing and smearing the workers calling attention to the problems. Fittingly, he left on Friday, International Workers’ Day.” Läs mer

The manufacture of confusion

”The plan is to have no plan, to let daily deaths between one and three thousand become a normal thing, and then to create massive confusion about who is responsible— by telling the governors they’re in charge without doing what only the federal government can do, by fighting with the press when it shows up to be briefed, by fixing blame for the virus on China or some other foreign element, and by “flooding the zone with shit,” Steve Bannon’s phrase for overwhelming the system with disinformation, distraction, and denial, which boosts what economists call “search costs” for reliable intelligence.” Läs mer

Tung kritik mot styrningen av region Stockholm

”DN söker finansregionrådet Irene Svenonius (M). Moderaterna meddelar i ett mejl att regionfullmäktiges presidium valt att inte gå på revisorernas linje, och att någon anmärkning inte kommer att riktas mot styrelsen för Karolinska.” Läs mer

FEAR & UNbalanced: Confessions of a 14-Year Fox News Hitman

”Neuroscience has known for years that “news junkies” or “political junkies” were in fact addicts…junkies…who got their addictive dopamine hit from the emotional roller coaster of unbridled outrage followed by the dopamine-releasing experience derived from the thrill of watching the victory/denouement of the ideological apostate.” Läs mer

Vecka 18

En coronakris om året i tio år – det är vad som väntar (Björn Wiman)

”Men den amerikanske domarens reaktion är också ett exempel på hur många har hanterat de överväldigande bevisen på en eskalerande klimatkris och massdöd av liv på jorden. Vi har lyssnat på fakta men också varit medvetna om vår oförmåga att tro på det vi hör. Vi har förstått – men inte varit konstruerade så att vi kunnat acceptera det. Vårt samvete har inte blivit omskakat” Läs mer

Coronavirus impact on CO2 emissions six times larger than 2008 financial crisis

”The world’s CO2 emissions are expected to fall by 8% this year as the coronavirus pandemic shuts down much of the global economy, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).” Läs mer

The world is on lockdown. So where are all the carbon emissions coming from?

“I think the main issue is that people focus way, way too much on people’s personal footprints, and whether they fly or not, without really dealing with the structural things that really cause carbon dioxide levels to go up,” Läs mer

Amerikanska republikanernas valstrategi: kritisera Kina och undvik att prata om Trump

”Republicans are already conceding that they won’t be able to argue that Trump kept us safe or has effectively managed the crisis. It makes perfectly clear the party’s obsessive focus on China is designed to distract from Trump’s catastrophic managerial failure. They are privately admitting his actions are literally indefensible.” Läs mer

DN Debatt: ”Kötid ska inte längre få användas för urval till skolan”

”De fördelar som det decentraliserade skolsystemet var tänkta att ge har inte infriats.” Läs mer