How to win against Donald Trump

Whoever, if whoever’s running against Donald Trump in 2020 calls you up and says, ”What do I do against this guy who has this insight into the American political mindset? What do I do?”

People caring for each other and taking responsibility for each other! That’s your message! The contrast with your opponent will be complete.

Activate your worldview #

  • Talk from your worldview!
  • Bring up your morals and connect them with your issues.
  • Repeat your worldview and your morals as much as possible.
  • Build a movement of people that repeats your worldview and your morals.

The Democratic Worldview #

Your worldview is about people caring for and helping each other, taking responsibility for each other as well as themselves.

Bring up examples of how people care for each other.

  • Talk about parental leave and show images of fathers caring for their babies.
  • Participate in community gardening, nurturing the plants, cooperating to make things grow.
  • Gather citizens in town halls to talk, answer questions and get people engaged in creating a caring world.

Take photos of moments of care and share them. Share success stories to build momentum. Ask people to share their experience of caring, in writing, with a video or an image.

Avoid #

Avoid mentioning his positions and his worldview. Avoid repeating anything he brings up. Forget him and instead think and talk about your own worldview and your own issues.

Conclusion #

When people care for each other we all win and that will also get you elected!

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