The New Shift

Bike shift

Dave Winer and Hugh McLeod are cooking a new blogging stew, a cultural shift:

As this Internet-malaise that Dave is fighting against reaches critical mass, I predict we’re going to see a backlash, a rebellion, similar to what blogging was originally, back in the day. A shift.  A movement. A reaction against the mainsteam Internet, against the noise. A new quiet, as it were.”

I’m not sure about calling it quiet, at least not in the sense we are used to-> silence, on or off. Because people are not ears that either hear a sound or not, no… people are multifaceted. And so is the web. What the web brings to the table is connectedness, the links, being neighbors the Pope puts it. So that needs to be a part of this shift, embracing connections. And I think the quiet that Hugh wants is a better use of connections and links, not shutting things out.

My 2 cents, things that could make this new shift valuable

  • Eternal backup. We need posts to remain online. The web still has enormous amounts of linkrot which, paradoxically, is part of what makes the web noisy. How do we accomplish that? Domains are part of it, once I stop paying for a domain it disappears, except for Internet Archive but that’s not a good solution, the eternal backup needs to be distributed, or it won’t be eternal. Maybe Bittorrent is a piece of this puzzle?
  • UserPower. The power to set print styles, or to comment, or add links should belong to the user by default. Your browser could receive posts in RSS or some other XML version and render it as html, or some other structure depending on your need. The trick here is not really technological, we’ve seen solutions for this before, no it’s about ownership. How about a blogging platform that has this as default license, in the footer of every page along with info on how to reuse a post? And maybe links to some remix tools.


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