Vecka 22

”It will get darker before the dawn”

”History is brutal teacher on this topic. As we have seen with COVID 19, it’s only when an existential crisis hits – with direct and immediate impact – that we then embark on truly dramatic change. Will this crisis be enough to trigger a broader understanding of, and appropriate reaction to, the greater systemic crisis?”

Felaktig organisation grund till tragedin inom äldrevården

”Äldre har rätt till sjukvård av samma kvalitet som alla andra. Nytillkomna symtom kräver nya medicinska ställningstaganden, i synnerhet om man är gammal och skör. Antingen tillförs resurser eller så prioriteras tillgängliga resurser om. Utan läkare med kompetens och intresse för primärvård inriktad mot geriatrik, äldresjuksköterskor och mellanvårdsavdelningar får vi ingen fungerande äldrevård. Det får vi inte heller så länge kommunerna har ansvaret.”

Därför dog fler svenskar under en månad 1993 och 2000 – jämfört med april 2020

”Det man ska hålla utkik efter är förändringar i återstående medellivslängd hos befolkningen. Generellt ökar den per tioårsperiod, med drygt ett år för kvinnor och 1,5 år för män.”

Beyond the Interweb

”Having intelligence in our device allows us to take advantage of opportunities rather than requiring guarantees. The reason it works is because we have intelligent devices at the endpoints.”

The Social Media Triangle

”Give a Section 230 like protection to companies in return for providing a complete set of enduser APIs. In other words, require Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. to be fully programmable in order to have their liability limited.”

Software will eat software in a remote-first world

”I believe one of the more subtle impacts of this new way of working will be the tech workers losing some of the leverage they have over their employers. This will result in the further commodification of tech work, potentially less collective action by employees, and probably lower the salaries in the long run. Put another way, the technology industry will soon get a taste of what has been going on in other industries.”

Why a Biden Victory Hinges on Picking the Right Running Mate

”So the Biden team must make a pick that can help Democrats match what promises to be an energized Republican base. The best way to do that is a ticket-balancing candidate like Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris. They would bring gender and racial diversity to the ticket and, perhaps even more important, ideological diversity.”

“Social media should not fact check posts” says child molester Mark Zuckerberg

”The billionaire social media mogul, who spends his free time taking candy from children, instead suggested that social media companies should allow all speech on their platforms, and only intervene if there was a threat of imminent harm to someone’s life, like the woman he keeps chained in his basement.”

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