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The dirty secret behind Ben Shapiro’s extraordinary success on Facebook

How did the pages like Mad World News and The New Resistance grow so big? They did it by exploiting racism, religious bigotry, and violence.  Here is how it works. Most of the content on the five pages in this network consists of links to and, two websites owned by the Pepples. These sites identify incendiary stories — that are frequently months or years old — that prey on prejudice and fear. The sites then rewrite the stories with no indication that the story is old. This generates a ”new” link that is able to thrive in Facebook’s algorithm. 

Argumentera för det du tror på, inte det du vill bli av med

I det demokratiska samhället är det avgörande att politiska partier presenterar och argumenterar för det de tror på, för det samhälle de försöker bygga. Ja det är väl självklart, vad är alternativet? Alternativet är det som de flesta politiska partier i Sverige ägnar sig åt, att kritisera det de inte vill ha.

Digital Hygiene 101: Take Control Over Your Feeds to Regain Mindfulness

All popular social media platforms feature some type of feed: Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook. Operators of these platforms benefit from increased engagement by their users, so they employ techniques designed to achieve that end. Unfortunately, they often do so at the expense of their users’ well-being. Below are 7 rules to help you retain control over your screen time, without having to leave social media for good, ordered from most important to least important.

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